Jonathan Nott
Committee Member , Vice Chair

Job function:   To support the chair in all aspects of their role, to ensure that the business of PCPL is conducted in accordance with the community aims and to uphold the Model Rules of the Society. Leads meetings in the absence of the Chair.  In addition to this role Jonathan works jointly with the Committee Member responsible for premises and project management to manage, in consultation with other Members of the Committee, the preservation and further development of the King’s Head building and site.

Jonathan Nott - Profile:   Jonathan is retired from a career in agriculture, involving extensive strategic planning and project management.  He was also Chair of a silk weaving company for over 20 years.  Jonathan has been at the forefront of a number of community initiatives including the provision of the new village hall.  He served first as a Member and then as Chair of the Parish Council over a period of 25 years.  Jonathan is also part of the group which has recently established the Friends of Pebmarsh Church.


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