About Us

What is Pebmarsh Community Pub Limited?

Pebmarsh Community Pub Limited was established to enable the people and friends of Pebmarsh to secure and safeguard the future of the King’s Head public house, an amenity of prime importance to the village, for both this and future generations.  It is a Community Benefit Society (formally known as an Industrial & Provident Society or ‘IPS’) using the Model Rules developed by the Plunkett Foundation and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’). In its rules is embedded the principle that if the Society has a surplus, this may be made available for distribution to other community or charitable projects, after providing for the present or future needs of the Society.

We were delighted to be able to re-open the pub thanks to the tremendous support from the local community.

The King’s Head as a commercial business is managed by our tenants who, working together with the Management Committee, ensure that we effectively combine our community focus with a professional and high quality customer experience.   We are very grateful to the Essex County Council Community Initiatives Fund, “The Pub is the Hub”, The Enovert Community Trust and The Plunkett Foundation, through its “More Than A Pub” Programme, for their invaluable support with the initial launch of the project.

You can find out about forthcoming events, opening times, menus and more for The King’s Head public house via www.kingsheadpebmarsh.co.uk and follow the latest news on Facebook @kingsheadpebmarsh or Twitter @pebmarshpub

The model rules under which Pebmarsh Community Pub Limited operates are available here to read or download: