Guy Holliday

Job function:   To manage, in consultation with other Members of the Committee, the preservation and further development of the King’s Head building and site as appropriate to the Community Objectives of PCPL. Works in liaison with architects and Braintree District Planning Authority and with consideration to the views of the tenants, to ensure that any development work is in compliance the Listed Buildings Regulations and appropriate to the needs of all stakeholders. Manages the financing, timeline and logistics of ongoing projects in liaison with contractors and tenants. Provides regular reports on the progress of any ongoing plans or actual works in progress, to the PCPL Committee. Responsible for liaison with the tenants, in consultation with the PCPL Committee, about all aspects of the tenancy agreement. 

Guy Holliday- Profile: Guy has over 20 years’ experience working in marketing and distribution for UK and global publishing companies. He recently embarked on the construction of his new family home in Pebmarsh which involved organising trades and general project management.


Jonathan Nott

Job function:   To support the chair in all aspects of their role, to ensure that the business of PCPL is conducted in accordance with the community aims and to uphold the Model Rules of the Society. Leads meetings in the absence of the Chair.  In addition to this role Jonathan works jointly with the Committee Member responsible for premises and project management to manage, in consultation with other Members of the Committee, the preservation and further development of the King’s Head building and site.

Jonathan Nott – Profile:   Jonathan is retired from a career in agriculture, involving extensive strategic planning and project management.  He was also Chair of a silk weaving company for over 20 years.  Jonathan has been at the forefront of a number of community initiatives including the provision of the new village hall.  He served first as a Member and then as Chair of the Parish Council over a period of 25 years.  Jonathan is also part of the group which has recently established the Friends of Pebmarsh Church.


James Tucker

Job function:   To maintain up-to-date records of all PCPL financial transactions, rent payments, insurance payments, grants and loans.  Ensures the preparation of the annual PCPL financial accounts and VAT returns for timely submission.  Produces financial statements as required for PCPL Committee Meetings and prepares a concise Financial Report for the Annual General Meeting.  Oversees annual payments of share interest to shareholders at the agreed rate.

James Tucker – Profile:  James is a qualified accountant with interests in property, manufacturing and technology. He currently works as Business Advisory Partner for a large financial services company. His particular expertise is in agricultural, land & property and construction sectors. James is also a former member of the Board of Governors for Pebmarsh School.


James Haylock

Job function:   To provide leadership for the Committee, set the agenda for meetings and manage meetings, including producing the Annual Report for the General Meeting. Works closely with the other Members of the Committee to ensure that the PCPL is run effectively and that the Model Rules of the Society and its agreed community aims and objectives are upheld. The Chair, along with two other Members of the Committee meets formally with the tenants of the King’s Head, on a quarterly basis, to review progress against the Community Objectives of PCPL, as outlined in the Model Rules.  Works jointly with the Communications Manager to identify and apply for grants to support the community aims of PCPL.

James Haylock – Profile: James has previous experience of working in the hospitality industry and trained in aspects of cellar and pub management. He has worked for the past 20 years as a partner in a local property management company and is a specialist in residential and commercial leasing.  At the school his children attended James contributed to the PTFA and was on the Board of Governors progressing to Chair for his final two years.


Maud-May Cuthbert

Job function: To manage the secure recording, updating and storing of shareholder data, in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations. Issues, in collaboration with the Chair and Treasurer, annual share interest payments.  In collaboration with the Communications Manager deals with correspondence to PCPL from shareholders and other parties. Takes minutes of meetings and records relevant action points for approval by the Management Committee.  Undertakes the day-to-day management of accounts, including making payments and raising invoices on behalf of PCPL. 

Maud-May Cuthbert – Profile: Maud-May has a professional background in commercial and educational administration.  Following nearly twenty years of public service, working in educational, library and criminal justice settings, she is now pursuing a degree in library and information science with Aberystwyth University.  Maud-May is a former Vice Chair of Governors and PTFA volunteer for Pebmarsh School.  


Kate Stubbs

Job Function:   To ensure effective communication links between PCPL Committee Members, shareholders, potential shareholders and the wider community.  In collaboration with the Secretary, deals with the correspondence that PCPL receives.  Works closely with the tenants to publicise PCPL events and fundraising initiatives and liaises with the local press as appropriate.  Produces graphic design for PCPL promotional purposes and for shareholder recruitment.  Creates and updates website content for  Works jointly with the Chair to identify and apply for grants to support the community aims of PCPL.  Attends and records quarterly Tenant Meetings, alongside the Chair.

Kate Stubbs – Profile:   Kate is a qualified teacher of Art & Design who has undertaken a variety of management and leadership roles in secondary schools, most recently as an Assistant Headteacher and Co-Director of Sixth Form.  She is currently working as Marketing and Communications Manager for a local secondary school while undertaking a research doctorate in Art History and Theory.