Guy Holliday

Job function:   To manage, in consultation with other Members of the Committee, the preservation and further development of the King’s Head building and site as appropriate to the Community Objectives of PCPL. Works in liaison with architects and Braintree District Planning Authority and with consideration to the views of the tenants, to ensure that any development work is in compliance the Listed Buildings Regulations and appropriate to the needs of all stakeholders. Manages the financing, timeline and logistics of ongoing projects in liaison with contractors and tenants. Provides regular reports on the progress of any ongoing plans or actual works in progress, to the PCPL Committee. Responsible for liaison with the tenants, in consultation with the PCPL Committee, about all aspects of the tenancy agreement. 

Guy Holliday- Profile: Guy has over 20 years’ experience working in marketing and distribution for UK and global publishing companies. He recently embarked on the construction of his new family home in Pebmarsh which involved organising trades and general project management.